[Slp_grant_ifpri07] <p> full title: "Improving Market Opportunities for Small-scale Livestock Producers through Effective Storage of Animal Feeds so as to Minimize Mycotoxins" <p> Aflatoxin contamination in food and feed crops poses a serious health and economic problem in developing countries. Ingesting high Aflatoxin concentrations in cereals can be fatal, while chronic exposures may result in cancer, liver disease, abortion, immune suppression, interference in micronutrient metabolism and retarded growth. Over 4.5 billion people living in developing countries may be chronically exposed to Aflatoxin through their diets. <p> Funded by the Gates Foundation, the project <a href="http://www.ifpri.org/pressrelease/new-project-funded-grant-bill-melinda-gates-foundation-reduce-aflatoxin-contamination-c" target="_blank">Exploring the scope of cost-effective Aflatoxin risk reduction strategies in maize and groundnut value chains so as to improve market access of the poor in Africa</a> is designed to increase knowledge of available methods and technologies for reducing Aflatoxin contamination. The project will assesses the effectiveness, costs and benefits of these technologies as well as identifying constraints to their adoption and incentives to promote their use along the food and feed value chains. This project should provide the basic research needed to implement a larger project that would result in the adoption of cost-effective control strategies.

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