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dc.contributor.authorTechnical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation
dc.identifier.citationCTA. 1986. CTA links ACP countries to CABI. Spore 5. CTA, Wageningen, The Netherlands.
dc.descriptionCTA and CABI have established a combined information service incorporating a variety of activities. One activity is an examination of the possible uses of compact discs (CD-ROM). These discs can be used as an efficient means of storing a considerable amount of information such as bibliographic references and abstracts. The equipment needed to read them is relatively inexpensive: it consists of a micro-computer and a laser disc. This system of documentation eliminates the need to use costly telecommunications networks and eliminates the delays which are characteristic of such networks. The support provided by CTA will enable four documentation centres in ACP countries to acquire the compact disc equipment. CABI complements CTA's initiatives by providing data (bibliographies, basic publications) in response to the questions received by CTA's question and answer service (QAS). CTA support also enables individuals from ACP States to follow the courses on agricultural data management which are regularly organised by CABI. In 1986 documentalists from Kenya, Tanzania and Sierra Leone were able to benefit from this programme. A further activity of CTA aimed at enhancing the dissemination of information is translation. CTA commissioned the English translation of the French Tropical Livestock and Veterinary Institute (IEMVT) Handbook on Poultry-rearing in the Tropics; the English version of the handbook will be published and distributed jointlv bv CTA and CABI.
dc.description.abstractCTA CABI information services
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSpore, Spore 5
dc.titleCTA links ACP countries to CABI
dc.typeNews Item
cg.identifier.statusOpen Access
cg.contributor.affiliationTechnical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation
cg.fulltextstatusFormally Published
cg.placeWageningen, The Netherlands

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