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dc.contributor.authorTechnical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation
dc.identifier.citationCTA. 1992. A tree for all reasons. Spore 41. CTA, Wageningen, The Netherlands.
dc.descriptionThis is a source book, written to provide guidance to field workers on the introduction and evaluation of woody perennials for use in agroforestry. In this context introduction means taking a species to an environment where it is not well known or established, and evaluation refers to the process of determining the suitability of a particular species for use in an agroforestry system. The evaluation process seeks, firstly, to determine the adaptation of the species to the site, as demonstrated by its survival and early growth; and secondly, to study its phenology and morphology as a guide to its suitability for a specific agroforesty system. The objectives of the book are: to give basic principles for multipurpose-tree evaluation that will help scientists who are designing agroforestry research programmes; to present a logical, chronological sequence of the stages of multipurpose-tree research, including the study of possible responses tc management; to give guidance on the preparation of simple robust experimental designs and to recommend simple assessment procedures. The book is organized in foul sections and four supplements. The sections cover: background to species selection for agroforestry, research planning and design, assessment and evaluation, and important areas of multipurpose tree research. The supplements include a checklist of principal multipurpose-tree characteristics and products a list of assessments for multipurpose-tree evaluation with sample formats, experimental designs, summary plans for 10 types of experiment, a glossary of terms, names and addresses of useful organizations, and references. A tree for all reasons - the introduction and evaluation of multipurpose trees for agroforestry by P J Wood and J Burley 1991 158pp ISBN 92 9059 075 0 Pbk Published by ICRAF PO Box 30677 Nairobi, KENYA
dc.description.abstractA tree for all reasons : the introduction and evaluation of multipurpose trees for agroforestry
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSpore, Spore 41
dc.titleA tree for all reasons
dc.typeNews Item
cg.identifier.statusOpen Access
cg.contributor.affiliationTechnical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation
cg.fulltextstatusFormally Published
cg.placeWageningen, The Netherlands

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