The INVC Bridging Activity, hereafter referred to as The Activity, is a two-year project funded by the USAID Malawi Country Mission. It is a relay project/ activity between the Integrating Nutrition in Value Chains (INVC) 1 Project which came to an end in October 2016 and its successor project, Agricultural Diversification of Incomes and Nutrition (ADIN).

The Activity was commissioned with the objective of ensuring that the gains achieved by INVC 1 project are not lost in between the transition phase from INVC 1 to ADIN. It therefore carries on with the implementation of some of the actions implemented under INVC 1. Specifically, The Activity provides continuity in assistance to a subset of smallholder farmer groups and EPAs that received services from INVC for the 2016/17 and 2017/18. It also includes latest research findings from the Africa RISING project to further boost production of the Activity beneficiaries.

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