In recognition that data collection and analysis are key diagnostic and evaluation tools supporting agricultural development, the aim of this Gates-Funded “Livestock Data Innovation in Africa” project is to improve the quality of data on livestock in Africa to enhance the understanding of the roles of livestock in poverty reduction. This project supports the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program, regional organizations, and national stakeholders to identify entry points for linking smallholder livestock producers to lucrative animal protein markets. The 3-year project, to be piloted in three Sub-Saharan African countries--Tanzania, Uganda, and Mali, will strengthen partnerships aimed at identifying and providing access to key data and indicators which will assist in the identification of effective public and private sector investment to improve the livelihoods of smallholder livestock producers in Africa.

OBJECTIVE: Data development and access which guides better decision making to support market-driven livelihood opportunities for smallholder livestock keepers.

COUNTRIES: The project will be piloted in three Sub-Saharan African countries--Tanzania, Uganda, and Mali.

SHORT-TERM GOAL: Through the generation and collection of data, the setting up of instruments, platforms and analysis, effective investment interventions can be more easily identified. By building local capacity, data collection and analysis can, firstly, be institutionalized as a diagnostic tool to determine entry points for development and then, secondly, serve as an effective means of evaluation to measure the impact of interventions.

LONG-TERM GOAL: Developing a broad-based livestock data-for-development initiative.

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